My Kazoku Creations

The Kazoku Collection consists of handcrafted, clay sculptures depicting various segments of the Japanese community and includes historical figurative studies, which have been enhanced through artistic license. The Ronins were unemployed Samurai warriors that traveled from town to town, often working as hired sword masters (soldiers of fortune) to protect families or business holdings.

The Geishas were professional entertainers, trained within a closed community. They often could be seen dressed in exquisite kimonos, traveling to tea houses and Kabuki performances. The Obasans were elderly women that worked most of their lives raising their families, assisting in restaurants and sweeping streets. The Kabuki actors represented characters in fables or legendary stories.

They often painted their faces in brilliant colors to enhance their flamboyant costumes which moved as they performed exaggerated movements. Each sculptured piece is highly collectible and is numbered and signed by the artist.