My Inspiration Creations

My inspiration for creating this piece came one evening after dinner, discussing life with close friends. The question was posed...“Who in this world comes to mind that walks their talk”?

The answer was a unanimous - Mother Teresa! Her work transcended denominational boundaries and her loving service was for all people. Our conversation that night was the spark that grew into a fire to capture the essence of something great!

Mother Teresa believed that the greatest suffering is to be lonely, feeling unloved and unwanted - “unwanted” being the worst disease any human being can experience.

As the artist, I wanted this sculpture to stir the heart.

I wanted the eyes of Mother Teresa to speak love, hope and compassion and the child’s eyes would show she felt tremendous love, acceptance and comfort through the warmth of Mother Teresa’s incredible hands! She loved to use her hands to transmit the healing power of love and (these hands) were crucial to the overall message of “The Blessing”.