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"Kris Parmele Sculptures Specializes In Commissioned Portraits In Bronze Of Historical World Changing Figures"








Kris was born, as a “LaFord” in Portland, Oregon to a French-German father and a Danish mother and had a great childhood in the midst of a driven and emotionally charged family - the youngest of three.

From earliest accounts Kris gravitated to and excelled in artistic endeavors. It was her sophomore year in High school she discovered sculpting was a natural fit and enjoyed amusing classmates with bizarre forms. Being a bit of a rebel and eager for independence Parmele graduated her junior year, began working, moved into her own apartment and a few years later bought her first house. Then at 23, marriage, children, and many interests consumed her time, however Kris always kept her hands involved in sculpting and cherished that fire that burned within. As family demands decreased Parmele began to move into her artist calling and her journey began in earnest in 1998 with the completion of her second bronze.

Parmele has invested a lifetime of study that she brings to each sculpture. Insight that began as a youth with sketchbook in hand and through the years taking classes, teaching classes, studying books, and most importantly...Through application. She gained knowledge and growth by (doing, working and persevering).

For Kris “working her art” has been and continues to be a journey to find balance in work that demands a very intimate part of her soul.

Parmele’s focus, strength and gift resides in capturing the uniqueness of the “individual”...Drawing out that intangible essence of personality and warmth of spirit. She sees this as a need in society today where people often feel nameless, faceless and unnoticed. This ties into her belief system that everyone was created with purpose in life and something they can uniquely contribute.

Kris finds mystery enticing and is learning to “let go” listen and trust her instincts. Feeling a relentless, tugging and attraction in a direction and going with it without really knowing “why” - opens doors and keeps life interesting. Her Asian sculpture series came about just this way.

Kris opens her arms to the future with it’s unpredictability and the challenges it will bring. She is thankful for the incredible support and encouragement from family, friends and lovers of art!




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